been doing it for half a century

Greg Martz, had a vision of creating the best glass shop in Southern California. Combining the techniques he had mastered, along with a talented crew, the Waterman's Guild was born in 1983 to meet the higher demands of the new generation of surfboard manufacturing. With our manufacturing roots going back to the early sixties, Waterman's Guild occupies a unique space in the surfing industry.


Now, more than thirty years later, the father-son team of Greg and Ryan Martz have set the industry standard for how surfboard manufacturing should be done.


True craftsmanship isn't taught or learned, it is passed down from the masters themselves. When you get a board glassed by Waterman's Guild, you are getting a work of art, a piece of history and a craft you can count on. With more than 30 years in the business, Waterman's Guild is the premier glass shop on the west coast—it's why the best continue to trust Greg, Ryan and team with their boards.

Waterman's Guild

260 E. Dyer Rd.,  Santa Ana, CA 92707

(714) 751-0603


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