Established 1983
Waterman's Guild has been known for its association of craftsmen building surfboards to the highest standards for some of the industry's best shapers. The logical progression was to expand beyond Waterman's Guild and begin building our own line of traditional surfboards. We called on some of our favorite shapers to collaborate with us and join our guild of surfboard craftsmen.

Each board begins with a collaboration of the Waterman's Crew and our shapers. We brainstorm surfboard designs that bring you the best possible experience based on what our customers are asking for. Our shapers do what they do best and shape amazing custom surfboards. Each board then makes its way back to the Waterman's Guild to receive the best glass job.

We strive to provide our customers with traditional long board and alternative shapes while making them functional and user friendly. This gives you the best of both worlds—a beautiful, classic style surfboard that's totally function by today's standards.