SINCE 1983


There are two ways to hand laminate a surfboard—and that's all we do.

The first is what we call "Free Lap" the second is called a "Cut Lap." Our laminators are experts in both.


This is the process of smoothing the rough lamination and giving it an even finish to sand.

Some people call it a "fill coat" while others call it a "hot coat" – either way it makes sanding the board easier.


First, we tape the rails with the under side of the tape hanging free. Next, we then blend our "gloss resin" and brush it on he deck—excess resin runs off of the tape on the rail onto the floor. Once one side is done,
flip the board over and do the other side.


Probably the least appreciated and most critical aspects of making quality, high strength, high performance surfboards is sanding.  The skin on an average board is a little more than a sixteenth of an inch thick.

There is no room for error.  That's why discerning surfboard shapers choose Waterman's Guild.


Unlike many glass houses, the Waterman's Guild has an in-house air brusher.

Life-long artist and surfer Ryan Martz can create anything you want on a board. From classic airbrush to faux wood grain, if you have an idea, Ryan can spray it..


The evolution of fin systems has seen many variations on a single concept: removing and/or repositioning the fin. From glass-on, single-box, to removable fin systems (like FCS and Futures), Waterman’s Guild uses state-of-the-art equipment and decades of experience to install any fin setup you can dream of.