meet our craftsmen

focused on high-end, retro-inspired designs from a collaboration of some of our favorite artisan shapers and builders.

Each board begins as a collaborative conversation with the Waterman's crew.
Our craftsmen then do what they do best — shape.

Once the blank has taken form, it returns to Waterman's Guild, where top board builders in the industry construct high-quality pieces of art.
we are a group of craftsmen who come together to pursue a common goal.

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RYAN prides himself on the ability to shape anything from long to short,  progressive to traditional.

His knowledge of surf craft is as diverse as his shaping ability.


Simon honed his shaping skills at Channel Islands and spent a decade as "Senior Shaper" for some of surfing most elite athletes, including Kelly Slater, who rode Simons boards on his championship tours in 2010 & 2011.


Griffin started shaping at age 15 in his parent's backyard. Today, he's shaped over 10,000+ surfboards and continues to work out of his shaping bay at Waterman's Guild—using the skills of his legendary mentor (BRUCE JONES) each day.


FROM top 16 ASP pro surfer TO big wave surfer AND co-founder of the standup paddleboard industry, DAVE has DONE IT ALL.

His roots as a backyard shaper GO BACK TO 1975.

Eisaku Murata

As a child in Osaka, Japan, Eisaku learned the importance of craftsmanship and working with his hands from his father. As Eisaku got older, he developed a love for surfing and worked to combine his passion for surfing and craftsmanship into surfboard shaping.


Michael credits Donald Brink as a huge inspiration in his formative years of surfboard building. He would watch Donald shape, use his shaping bay and tools, and even get help from him on his first glass job. He's also met legends like Gary Larson, Tyler Warren, and Josh Martin while working at the Hobie Surf Shop in Dana Point.